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About Me

Writer, Poet, and Lifetime Unclaimed Treasure

About Me

Hi, I’m Fannie Banks- Wells a Fiction, Non-Fiction Writer, and Poet. I love stories that address the issues that plague the African American community today. I love African American history as I have learned that what has occurred in the past, correlates to what is occurring today. I have been unmarried my entire life and although I realize most uncoupled people want to be “linked up”, I want you to know that even as an “Unclaimed Treasure” you can live a fulfilling life.

After working in technology for years I am now pursuing a career as a writer/poet. I would love to write for you as a writer for hire and I can also write articles on a
variety of topics such as:

Social Justice
Race & Gender
Ethics & Morality
Mental & Physical Health
And More

My writing samples can be seen under the My Short Stories/Poetry
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70% of black women in the U.S. are single.

One of the significant issues in our community is that 70% of black women in the U.S. are single. There is no other group of women in our country that face such a shortage of male partners. If you have made the mistake that I have made in the past which is thinking that you are to blame for your marital status, I am here to tell you; it is not your fault. This country has historically created obstacles that make it challenging for African American females to meet a compatible partner. This blog is here to address the issues that keep us apart from a desirable mate along with what can be done about it.